Varithena Vein Treatment In New Jersey

If you have stubborn varicose veins that cause uncomfortable symptoms, there are a number of treatment options. Ask your Comprehensive Vein Care specialist if Varithena vein treatment would work for you.

What Is Varithena Vein Treatment?

Varithena vein treatment is a nonsurgical treatment offered at Comprehensive Vein Care for a variety of varicose vein issues. During the procedure, our healthcare professional inserts a catheter or directly injects a small amount of microfoam into affected veins, causing them to collapse. Blood is then redirected to healthier vessels, alleviating pain and other symptoms.

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When Is Varithena Vein Treatment Recommended?

Varithena is widely recommended for different types of varicose veins. It’s safe for use below and above the knee and for veins of small or large diameter. If you have twisted veins that haven’t responded well to other methods, Varithena might still work for you. However, it’s not appropriate for every case of varicose veins. Let our qualified vein doctors help you determine if Varithena is a good choice for you.

What Are Typical Results Like?

When performed by our experienced physicians, Varithena can eliminate many cases of varicose veins. In addition to improving the appearance of varicose veins, it also relieves the accompanying symptoms, such as throbbing, itching, aching, swelling and heaviness. Mild bruising and some pain have been reported directly after the treatment, but our patients generally report that they fade quickly.

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What Steps To Take After Varithena To Ensure Vein Health

Even after receiving Varithena vein treatment, you’re still at risk to develop new varicose veins. To prevent new varicose veins in your legs, try to reach and maintain a healthy weight and exercise on a regular basis to improve circulation. Try not to sit or stand in one position for long periods of time, since this causes blood to pool in your leg veins. As soon as you notice any symptoms of new varicose veins, call Comprehensive Vein Care center to discuss treatment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering Varithena for varicose vein treatment in Edison, NJ, browse the information in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions or are ready to schedule a consultation to determine your best course of treatment for your varicose veins, give us a call at 732-917-0247

Book a consultation with one of our vein treatment experts to determine whether оr not Varithena® is the right course of treatment for your particular needs and your medical history. Typically, the best candidates are those who have particularly large and swollen varicose veins.

Some people are allergic to the component in Varithena – polidocanol injectable foam – which eliminates them as a candidate for Varithena treatment.

Patients with any of the following symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and have tried compression therapy are good candidates for Varithena®  treatment: venous ulcers, bleeding varicose veins, painful bulging varicose veins, swollen legs, aching legs, nighttime leg cramps and/or restless leg syndrome.

Pregnant women are not recommended for vein treatment procedures, as many women experience relief of vein conditions naturally post-partum.

Your doctor wіll weigh the potential benefits and based on your personal medical history and help you determine whether this or a different, minimally-invasive treatment is right for you.

Varithena® is aimed at diminishing painful symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and varicose veins. The majority of patients experience relief from most, if not all, of their symptoms. This is considered a very safe, effective treatment for painful, swollen varicose veins.

The actual procedure will take place in one of our New Jersey outpatient vein treatment clinics: Monroe or Edison, NJ. The doctor will numb the injection site in your legs and then will administer a small amount of Varithena (aka polidocanol injectable foam) via catheter or direct injection to the diseased vein. The Varithena medication collapses the affected vein. Blood flow is redirected to nearby, healthier veins. Over time, the body reabsorbs the medication and the shrunken vein.
There is usually little to no downtime involved with Varithena® treatment. You’ll be able to leave the clinic immediately after treatment and resume your normal daily activities. Post-treatment, patients are encouraged to resume walking and other normal activities right away (except for swimming and otherwise getting the treated leg wet for sustained periods of time.) We also ask patients to avoid heavy exercise and anything that could cause trauma to the legs for a few days following treatment.  You will be required to wear compression stockings for up to two weeks after treatment.
The most common side effects seen with Varithena® treatments are leg pain or discomfort or injection site bruising or pain.  Additional potential side effects include blood clots in the leg veins, bleeding, injection site infection, nerve damage, irritation or burning of your skin. Some patients are allergic to the polidocanol injectable foam of Varithena®, which can have severe side effects. Your doctor will monitor your reaction closely for 10-20 minutes post-treatment for this reason.
Typically treatment of vein disease and Chronic Venous Insufficiency (the types of medical problems usually treated with Varithena) is typically covered. Cosmetic procedures, such as the treatment of spider veins for purely aesthetic reasons, are not covered by medical insurance.

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