VenaSeal™ For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins could be symptoms of venous disease, a problem in your circulatory system that causes discomfort, pain and even potentially life-threatening circulation problems. Our board-certified doctors at Comprehensive Vein Care help prevent long-term damage from vein disease by treating the problem early. We specialize in the latest minimally invasive treatments for vein disease like VenaSeal™, a safe and effective medical adhesive used to close large, painful varicose veins that offers immediate results. Let our team of specialists help you learn more about venous disease and whether this treatment option is right for you.

VenaSeal™ For Varicose Veins Treatment

The VenaSeal™ closure system is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive vein treatment with a success rate ranging on average from 94 to 98 percent. Of the most recent vein treatment options, this is the only non-sclerosant, nonthermal, non-tumescent procedure. It uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered directly to the vein for closure.

Your doctor treats the affected area with a local anesthesia to minimize discomfort at the injection site and makes a tiny puncture in the skin through which we insert the VenaSeal™ device. We then inject a medical adhesive throughout the vein and perform manual compression to completely close the targeted veins. Your body naturally reabsorbs the VenaSeal™ adhesive and the nonfunctioning veins over time.

VenaSeal ™
VenaSeal ™

Benefits of VenaSeal™ Treatment

Since VenaSeal™ treatments don’t use thermal energy or lasers to cauterize or seal your varicose veins, you won’t feel the discomfort associated with these treatments, and there’s no risk of thermal injury to the nerves in your legs. You can resume your normal activities right away. We actually encourage you to start walking around immediately following treatment to speed the healing process. Other benefits include:
  • A single treatment performed in less than 30 minutes
  • Nonsurgical and noninvasive
  • Nonthermal, so no risk of thermal nerve injury
  • Little to no pain or discomfort during treatment
  • Few to no side effects post-treatment
  • Results seen almost immediately
  • No downtime
  • No need for compression stockings post-treatment

Turn To The Vein Experts In Edison And Monroe

We perform your procedure in our cutting-edge New Jersey outpatient vein treatment clinics in Monroe or Edison after weighing the potential benefits and risks based on your personal medical history. Contact us at 732-662-7933 in Edison or 732-662-7934 in Monroe to schedule a consultation with one of our vein treatment experts to find out if VenaSeal™ or another minimally invasive treatment can relieve your varicose veins today.

VenaSeal ™
VenaSeal ™


Since VenaSeal treatments use no thermal energy or lasers to cauterize or seal your varicose veins, patients do not feel the discomfort associated with these types of treatments. It also means there is no risk of thermal injury to nerves in your legs. You also are not required to wear compression stockings post-treatment.


If you are considering VenaSeal™ for varicose vein treatment in Edison, NJ, browse the information in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions or are ready to schedule a consultation to determine your best course of treatment for your varicose veins, give us a call at 732-917-0247.

Book a consultation with one of our vein treatment experts to determine whether or not VenaSeal™ is the right course of treatment for your particular needs and your medical history. Typically, the best candidates are those who have particularly large and swollen varicose veins.

Patients with any of the following symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and have tried compression therapy are good candidates for VenaSeal: venous ulcers, bleeding varicose veins, painful bulging varicose veins, swollen legs, aching legs, nighttime leg cramps and/or restless leg syndrome.

Pregnant women are not recommended for vein treatment procedures, as many women experience relief of vein conditions naturally post-partum.

Your doctor will weigh the potential benefits and risk based on your personal medical history and help you determine whether this or a different, minimally-invasive treatment is right for you.

VenaSeal™ is considered a very safe, effective treatment for painful, swollen varicose veins. The success rate for desired results ranges on average from 94-98%.

The actual procedure will take place in one of our New Jersey outpatient vein treatment clinics: Monroe or Edison, NJ. Your doctor will first treat the affected area with a local anesthesia to minimalize any discomfort from the injection site. Then, a tiny puncture is made in the skin, through which the VenaSeal™ device is inserted. A medical adhesive is injected throughout the vein, then manual compression is performed to close the targeted veins completely. Over time, the body naturally reabsorbs the VenaSeal adhesive, along with the non-functioning veins. Patients can resume normal activities immediately – in fact, you’re encouraged to start walking around immediately post-treatment to speed the healing process.

There is usually little to no downtime involved with VenaSeal™ treatment. You’ll be able to leave the clinic immediately after treatment and resume your normal daily activities. Post-treatment, patients are encouraged to resume walking and other normal activities right away (except for swimming and otherwise getting the treated leg wet for sustained periods of time.) We also ask patients to avoid heavy exercise and anything that could cause trauma to the legs for a few days following treatment.  Unlike most other vein treatment options, you will not be required to wear compression stockings after treatment.

The most common side effects seen with VenaSeal™ are leg pain or discomfort or injection site bruising or pain.  Additional potential side effects include an allergic reaction to the cyanoacrylate adhesive, phlebitis, blood clots in the leg veins, bleeding, injection site infection, nerve damage, irritation or burning of your skin.

Typically treatment of vein disease and Chronic Venous Insufficiency (the types of medical problems usually treated with VenaSeal™) is typically covered. Cosmetic procedures, such as the treatment of spider veins for purely aesthetic reasons, are not covered by medical insurance.

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